Arch/Artix Linux installation script
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Bash scripts for installing Arch/Artix Linux. installs the whole system from scratch and then calls If you prefer, you may install the system manually (or in an existing installation) and run alone. There is no need to clone the repository, as each script can download missing files.

Quick install

curl -o
chmod +x

Supported platforms


  • UEFI and BIOS
  • x86_64 architecture


  • Arch Linux
  • Artix Linux

Init systems

  • systemd
  • openrc

List of Packages

See packages.csv


  • Partitions the chosen drive
  • Installs core packages, bootloader, etc
  • Sets the chosen locale, keyboard layout (both for X11 and the console) and time zone
  • Sets up the root user and an additional personal user
  • Sets the network configuration up

  • Enables additional pacman repositories
  • Links /bin/sh to /bin/dash
  • Installs OpenBSD's doas and sets it as default, as opposed to sudo
  • Optionally gives a user root privileges through doas
  • Installs every package in packages.csv
  • Installs vim and its plugins for root and a user
  • Installs my dotfiles for root and a user
  • Many of these can be turned off via CLI arguments